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Rhode Island's Department of Children, Youth & Families recently held a public summit on its strategy to procure a comprehensive array of services that improves long term outcomes for children and families. View the information and material from the summit.

Department of Children Youth and Families 2015
Holiday Gift Campaign

Holidays are a great time for children and families. But not every child in Rhode Island will be with their families this Holiday season.

For the past 20 years, DCYF and our community partners, Foster Forward and Adoption Rhode Island, have endeavored to make the Holiday season special for children in our care and custody, and for families who are DCYF-involved but may be facing challenges. Our goal is for each child to have a meaningful Holiday experience, whether that child is at home, in foster, adoptive, or residential care, or is living independently and getting ready to transition to adulthood.

If you or your organization would like to assist children and families involved with DCYF this Holiday season, please consider one of the following options:

Adopt a Family

More than half of the children in DCYF's legal care and custody live with their parents as we work together to address their challenges. There are multiple ways to help fulfill a family's "wish list" by being matched with a family-in-care and providing unwrapped gifts and/or gift cards.

You may directly contact DCYF units within your region, below:

Regional Drop-off LocationContact/Email
Providence 101 Friendship Street,Providence Jane Ahles (401) 528-3985
East Bay 530 Wood Street, Bristol Flo Ryan (401) 254-7060
South County 4808 Tower Hill Rd. Wakefield Heidi Reardon 792-5084
Northern RI 101 Friendship St., Providence Valerie Angelone 528-3602
Developmental Disabilities 101 Friendship St., Providence Janice Bijesse 528-3982
Juvenile Probation   Bridget Sarlo 462-6603

Adopt a Child

"Adopt" one or more children living in a group home and fulfill their wish lists. You will be matched with a group home that will provide their ages, interests and wish lists. Contact Christina Jagolinzer at (401) 438-3900, Ext. 128 or Christina.jagolinzer@fosterforward.net or go to https://www.fosterforward.net

"Adopt" an adoptive child/child registered for adoption/or a family-in-need. Unwrapped gifts for younger children and gift cards for the older children through age 18 would be greatly appreciated. Or, you may choose to be matched with a "wish list" from many of our youth. If you or an organization you know of would like to help making wishes come true, go to http://adoptionri.org/all-news/upcoming-events

Foster Forward Foster Forward is a statewide nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering lives impacted by foster care. We work collaboratively with DCYF to provide programs and resources for children and youth in foster care, young adults who have aged out of the system and foster families who care for these vulnerable children.

Adoption RI Adoption Rhode Island is a private nonprofit agency dedicated to finding families for children in RI state care and supporting those children and families both pre and post adoption. Our mission to facilitate, promote, and support the permanent placement of children waiting for adoption and to improve the well-being of foster and adopted children and their families. We provide services to children and families, educate and advocate for a child's right to a safe environment, and increase public awareness of the unmet needs of children and families impacted by foster care and adoption.

May is National Foster Care Month, and we hope you will take a few moments to learn about foster parenting and about some of the families who step forward to care for the most vulnerable children and youth in our communities.

There is no service more noble or more important than opening your heart and your home to a child in need. There are many ways to support foster care: you can become a foster parent, mentor young people who have been separated from their biological parents, or volunteer in a variety of other ways.  Meet the Links Family

Some days being a parent is really hard.
"Some days I feel like I could use some help"
Do you need help?
"My daughter stays in her room and is sad all the time"
DCYF can help.
"I just want to have everything my children need"
"My son won't go to school because he's being bullied"
We can help!
Our community partners have a wide array of affordable supports and services

The Family Care Community Partnership brings community-based service providers, family members and friends
together to build a stronger, brighter future for your family. After meeting with you to assess your needs, the
Family Care Community Partnership puts you, the family, in the center and wraps you with the right local
services, community programs and family members and friends in an effort to craft an individualized plan.

"The Family Care Community Partnership provides us with guidance, and we, as the family,
have the strongest voice at the table and the power to turn our difficulties into opportunities."

Please take a moment to view three families share how their lives were changed for the best by the FCCP's:
See how DCYF & FCCP Helps
I Love My Child.

Are you looking for something fun and free to do with your family?

What's New

* The Department of Children, Youth and Families has an approved Title IV-B Child Family Services Plan for the next four years. Please click the link to view the CFSP for 2015-2019.

* There have been many accomplishments during these past few years that have made a difference in the lives of our children and families. Please click the link to view these accomplishments.


* To obtain information on the Child Care Program Variance Process, please access the Publications page from the link on the righthand side bar. The information is located under the Child Care Regulations category.


* The Department of Children, Youth and Families has been working with the Center for Health Care Strategies on Improving the Use of Psychotropic Medication among Children and Youth in Foster Care: A Quality Improvement Collaborative. The focus of the collaborative is to ensure the appropriate use of psychotropic medication for children in foster care.

One of the state goals for this initiative is to implement a psychotropic medication consent process that utilizes medical expertise from a consulting child and adolescent psychiatrist. To achieve this goal, the department has established a psychotropic medication review plan. The plan requires a department administrator to review and approve the use of these medications. Providers/Clinicians are required to submit a Request for Administrator Authorization form to obtain approval for youth who are in the guardianship of the department.

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