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Child Care

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Child care is providing care for a child outside of their home for any part of a day, by a person other than the child's parents or legal guardians. The purpose of licensing and certification of child care centers and family child care homes is to ensure the health, safety and well-being of children while in care outside of their home.

For more resources about child care, see Bright Stars, a non-profit program.

Orientation for Family Child Care Home Providers
English language session
Wednesday, August 9th
The Center for Early Learning Professionals
535 Centerville Road #201, Warwick

Spanish language session
Tuesday, August 8th
319 Broadway, Providence

ADVANCED REGISTRATION REQUIRED: Please call 528-3621 to register
For more information, please contact 528-3624


Race to the Top-Early Learning Challenge

Race To The Top (Exceed.ri.gov)     Exceed Search (Exceed.ri.gov)

The Race to the Top Rhode Island Early Learning Challenge Grant initiative is now called Exceed. It publicly conveys the State's commitment to designing and implementing an integrated system of high-quality early learning programs and services that improve outcomes of young children. The power in the name Exceed is that in one word it conveys the goal that all the statewide partners have for the children of Rhode Island. Exceed supports the children of Rhode Island to achieve new heights in their learning. The partners are committed to helping all children to Exceed.

The Department of Children, Youth and Families is one of the partnering agencies supporting the Grant through the implementation of the following activities:

Check out Exceed's website, search for an early learning program, and sign up to receive the Exceed Enews!

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